mneTV, who produce Scottish Premiership coverage for BBC ALBA, have opened up a training opportunity open to the HBTI alumni. Participants will be hands on from day one and after six weeks of structured training should be ready to offer themselves as freelancers to mneTV and the wider broadcast community in Scotland.

Currently, mneTV cover live football matches with “flyaway” outside broadcast equipment. There are two cameras, a director, a technical engineer, a sound operator a commentator and a runner. This opportunity will add a third camera to the OB which will be operated by you, the trainee. Under direction, the trainee camera operator will pick up shots to add depth and context to the programme: close ups, fans, celebrations, weather etc. This will mean that your shots will be used on air from the very start, ultimately leading to operation of one of the main cameras in the final week of the training programme.

Footage is mixed live on-site and sent by fibre to BBC PQ where graphics are added and the match is edited to a sixty minute programme for transmission the same day.

mneTV and Creative Loop have initiated this training programme as there is a clear demand for capable camera operators; this training opportunity will ensure that we can increase the pool of available operators.

There are six camera op positions available, and would be best suited to those enthusiastic about football and with previous camera operator / camera assistant experience.

Trainees will work in pairs and cover six weekend matches per slot. Training for the first slot is anticipated to start on March 14th, and trainees will be provided with transport to and from each outside broadcast.

Register your interest for this opportunity by ensuring that you are registered in the HBTI Talent Pool and by sending an email to with “mneTV Training” in the subject field. The closing date for this is Monday 9th March at midday.

“This is a really exciting opportunity to create some much-needed new talent for the industry through a training plan that allows trainees to see immediate results on-air which will undoubtedly be inspiring and build confidence, and in long term bolster Scottish broadcasting which too often relies on hiring crew from outside the country.” – Margot Mccuaig, Managing Director mneTV.