One of the most important skills a presenter or producer can have is….making good coffee. But, when there’s someone already across that in the studio it’s probably down to you to conduct the vital interview that the listener has been waiting for all morning – and it’s harder than you think.

In this session three radio professionals with very different agendas explain how and why they prepare and execute interviews in the way they do. Gary Robertson is the anchor on BBC Radio Scotland’s ‘Good Morning Scotland’. With a tight schedule and the hard facts to get to quickly, there’s no room for pleasantries and small talk. Romeo is the host of ‘In:demand’ across the whole of Scotland on the Bauer Network, his remit is entertainment and fun and in this session he gives away his trade secrets on how to make the latest pop star interesting and engaging to a new audience. Completing the panel is Darren Adam who after ten years on Forth One’s breakfast show has now moved to current affairs and listener interest radio. He explains his unique method of farming information and the importance of listening to the particular language used by his interview subjects. An essential listen for any radio student.

You can listen to the session below, or download the file directly here.