As part of the Host Broadcaster Training Initiative, a group of five students from the University of Strathclyde visited Ibrox Stadium on rig day ahead of the Scottish Cup semi-finals which took place 12th-13th April.

The HBTI trainees were given a tour of the OB truck and they spoke to the operations crew about their roles and responsibilities.

Here’s what some of the students had to say about their experience:

Chris Thomson
“The visit to Ibrox Stadium gave a fascinating insight into the preparation that goes into the filming of live sports events. It was also intriguing to find out about the time pressure the workforce are under every day, as well as the high level of expertise and accuracy required to bring the event to our TV screens. It will no doubt be a huge help with coping and understanding what will be required of me come the end of July…!”

Callum Dell
“Attending the rig for the Scottish Cup semi-finals was a great experience. It gave an insight into how the Commonwealth Games will be broadcast and the type of equipment you can expect to come into contact with. The engineers on site there gave a thorough walk through of what goes on in the OB trucks and how much there is to set up and organise.

​Overall, it was beneficial and enhanced my knowledge of what type of equipment is used and how it is all run.”

Fraser MacFarlane
“The trip to the Ibrox rig gave me a great insight into broadcasting operations and what is required behind the scenes. It also gave a good idea of what I may be doing during the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.”