In this session Iain Davidson and Chris Grady discuss The Comedy Unit’s talent development process.

From the very first script, idea or meeting all the way to making a radio or television show, Iain and Chris explain the important stages in developing a comedy talent and importantly, how best to get past that difficult first step.

Iain Davidson is a Producer/Director at The Comedy Unit. Having snuck his foot in the door as a sketch writer for ‘Chewin The Fat’, Iain has worked on most Comedy Unit output over the last 14 years, from appearing as the Queen in ‘Only An Excuse?’ to directing ‘Gary: Tank Commander’ and ‘Burnistoun’.

Chris Grady is a Producer/Script Editor and Writer at The Comedy Unit. He has written for both many shows on radio and television, as well as script editing and co-writing ‘Gary: Tank Commander’ on BBC1 Scotland. He also produces many of The Comedy Unit’s talent development projects.