……is still a secret, except for the dozens of creative students that signed up to be part of something very special at the festival last week.

During Robert’s talk about his career and the importance of working as a team creatively, he invited the students in the room to sign up to a huge collaborative comedy project by leaving their email addresses behind at the end of the session.

The chance to join that ist has been and gone, but soon you’ll be able to download a podcast of the whole talk from this website, and stay tuned to the radio/tv/internet to see what the Boldyin come up with.

“The One Hundred”

Hey, Rab here!

Last Thursday I gave a talk to a room full of students for the Creative Loop Student Media Festival. It was a talk about collaboration in comedy. Hopefully I managed to convince some people to find writing partners, or like-minded people to work with. Hopefully I persuaded people to focus less on competition, and more on having fun just meeting new people and creating stuff.

I came to the talk armed with a crazy idea. We’ll get to that in a minute.

My first experience with a “virtual writers room” came a couple of years back, when Graham Linehan asked me to fling some IT Crowd ideas around. Since then, I’ve been trying out different ways of doing that same kind of thing.

My favourite method is through Google Docs. The live updating allows for a playful, messy way of fucking about with funny ideas. Every Bold Yin project at the moment is run through Google Docs. Very loose, and very productive so far.

Fifty people can work on a Google Docs document. That’d be pretty mental, right? How would you control that process?

I went to the talk last week with a crazy idea. Not only would I encourage everyone in the room to collaborate instead of competing with each other – I would propose a collaborative project for all of us in the room to work on together. It would give everyone in that room actual practical experience with a collaborative process, and would allow for us all to have fun at the same time.

I only expected about 40 people to be there. I got a hundred names.

And so, in a few weeks time, Bold Yin will be running a virtual writer’s room with a hundred people in it. Most of them young, and new to the industry. We’ll find a good, funny idea. We’ll work it into an excellent shape. And we’ll pitch it. A show with a hundred writers.

And we’ll make some lasting friends too, right?

Can’t wait!”