Glasgow Clyde College Student has short film screened as part of Glasgow 2014 Opening Ceremony

As part of the Host Broadcaster Training Initiative, Glasgow Clyde College student Iain Henderson won the opportunity to have his short film screened to an audience of forty thousand people at the pre-transmission broadcast of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony. During the annual Creative Loop Student Media Festival, students were invited to pitch their ideas for a short film production competition.

With the brief of “What Makes Glasgow Great” Iain, along with students Sophie Hogg from the University of the West of Scotland and Kiana Kalantar Hormozi from University of Stirling, were selected from the “incredibly high quality” pitches to have their ideas developed with the producers of the Opening Ceremony – Jack Morton.

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Iain’s short film “Little Things Glasgow” was then selected as the winning film and shown in front of thousands of fellow Glaswegians .

Tonight is the night that my film is screened in front of 40,000 people at Celtic Park, the grounds of my home team, during the opening ceremony for the Commonwealth Games 2014. What an amazing opportunity for a young student like myself, I’m buzzing! There was highs and lows but I’ve learned more from this project than anything before. I couldn’t be more grateful for the support I’ve had from Creative Loop, the lecturers at Cardonald College and my crew, cast and performers. It was a team effort and I feel privileged to be in this position. I look forward to the future and if my film connects with just one person out of those thousands, I’ll be a happy Hendo.” – Iain Henderson, Glasgow Clyde College Student.

Little Things Glasgow is a composed poem that captures the ‘wee’ things that make up our brilliant, diverse city. Words from a collective of Glasgow’s finest wordsmiths and street poets play out in harmony with the stunning images on screen, creating a beautifully crafted piece that represents the real Glasgow.

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Directed by 19 year old Iain Henderson. Featuring Scottish hip hop legend MOG. Music produced by BAFTA award winner Stuart Jackson (Zambian Astronaut)

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The panel of judges who selected the winning short film included a representative from Jack Morton Worldwide (Producers of the Glasgow 2014 Opening and Closing Ceremonies), Creative Scotland and Host Broadcaster, SVGTV. Here are the other two pitches that were developed by the students and Jack Morton. Sophie Hogg from the University of the West of Scotland short film was entitled “Scottie’s Big Day Out.”

Kiana Kalantar Hormozi from University of Stirling produced her film, simply called “What Makes Glasgow Great”.