The Creative Loop Student Media Festival had a few extra distinguished guests this year who were in town for one reason, to launch the Host Broadcaster Training Initiative in front of the very people that the scheme will benefit; the media students of Scotland.

UPDATE! You can now watch the Sunset and Vine presentation from the Creative Loop Student Media Festival at the foot of this page.

Sunset and Vine are a leading independent provider of sports coverage to the UK and World markets. The Olympics, the Premiership and most pertinently the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. Sunset and Vine have joined up with Global Television to form SVGTV, the host broadcaster for next year’s sporting cavalcade. Every shot of sporting action shown across the globe will pass through the lenses of SVGTV, and they are looking for your help.

The Host Broadcaster Training Initiative (HBTI) will engage students across Scotland and provide at least 120 positions at the Commonwealth Games in areas such as lighting, camera operation, EVS, vision mixing and more as to be determined. These positions are available to you. That’s it. Get involved. Professional training, practical experience and placement at the centre of the sporting world for two weeks. Details of how to apply will follow in due course, follow @CreativeLoop and like us on Facebook for the latest updates.

At the festival, we caught up with ambassadors for the HBTI from Sunset and Vine, each with information on what you can expect, what you might learn and how this training will position you for an on-demand media future.

Jeff Foulser began his career with ITV Sport where he worked across all the network’s sports coverage. He became Executive Producer of much of ITV’s output including live football, the Olympic Games and various world championships. He is now the Chairman and CEO of Sunset and Vine.

“…we want to leave a legacy in the industry…”  – Jeff Foulser

Martin Anderson is the Director in charge of the HBTI. From the helm he is going to be getting students from a standing start to ready to roll in time for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games with wholly transferable skills in a sector crying out for new dedicated talent.

In this short interview, Martin relays his inspiration, his reasons and his timetable for rolling out the training initiative across Scotland.

“…there is demand for these skills…” – Martin Anderson

Alex Redfern is a Solution Architect for EVS broadcast equipment, and is a leading authority on the EVS systems that are used as standard in live sports production. The EVS systems will be a large part of the HBTI, as not only is there a huge demand for operators across the UK, but SVGTV want to put you into a live TV production truck so you can learn by doing, from the very best.

“…there are a lot of other jobs out there that are very skilled, very well paid..that a lot of students won’t have had exposure to at university…” – Alex Redfern


Dylan Jane is an Executive Producer at Sunset and Vine whose career started at the Commonwealth Games, and now he’s back to repeat the opportunity from the other side of the touchline.

“…You can’t beat real experience of working on a major event like the Commonwealth Games…” – Dylan Jane

In this interview, Dylan reveals the character traits that he will be looking for from the students of Scotland who will be fulfilling at least 120 placements at the next games.

Sunset and Vine Presentation

Hosted by Janice Forsyth