Ross Waugh graduated from West College Scotland (Clydebank) with an HND in Creative Industries: Media & Communication in 2014. He is now actively working freelance in the broadcasting industry with impressive results already. Here is his story.

Camera Rugby Sevens

I started off my career in the media industry with HBTI 2014 at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. I was a camera assistant at the Opening Ceremony and at the Rugby 7s and during my HBTI experience I learned from industry professionals on how to rig up cameras that would be used in the outside broadcast. By doing this I learned about the different equipment that is used, this made rigging up the cameras easier as I knew how things worked. In addition to this, I was allowed to operate a camera live during the Rugby Sevens at the Games. This gave me an insight in to how much pressure the job entails as millions of viewers are watching live and any mistake can be magnified.

From my experience at the Commonwealth Games I managed to get more work experience through Creative Loop from Sunset and Vine and NEP Cymru working on the SPFL games. These are broadcast live on BT Sport. My duties were similar to what I did at the Commonwealth Games. I learnt even more from the experienced camera operators on how to rig up the cameras for the game and what was expected from the director. I managed to gain work experience on several games and the experienced I got was invaluable and will help me in the future.

I kept in contact with the camera operators I worked with at Glasgow 2014, who all worked for a company called Telegenic. They asked me along for some more work experience on a rig day at Murrayfield for a rugby game that was being shown live on Sky Sports. From what I had learned previously I was more confident in my own ability to work unsupervised to complete my tasks of rigging up cameras and doing a FACS check with the director to ensure everything was working and ready for the game the following day.

If it were not for HBTI and Creative Loop I wouldn’t have had this great opportunity to get my foot in the door of this industry to start off my career.  – Ross Waugh, HBTI 2014

After my last work experience at Murrayfield I was asked to do some paid work at a couple of rig days in several stadiums throughout the UK including the Autumn Internationals 2014 at Murrayfield. The difference was that this time I would attend match day as I was working with the pole cam – the camera which follows the play up and down the touch line and gets in position for the line outs. With rugby being a fast paced game I had to be aware at all times and ready to move with the ball so I was in place to give the director another angle on the play.

So far I have experienced some memorial moments that I will never forget. Getting to operate a camera live at the rugby sevens during the Commonwealth Games; being on the pitch with the pole cam at the Autumn International match Scotland v New Zealand while the All Blacks did their Haka.

This Saturday, 6th March, I am travelling down to Anfield to rig up the cameras for the Liverpool v Blackburn game getting shown live on BT Sports on Sunday. I can’t wait to go down for it!

Here’s a look at some of the training that Ross received during the HBTI. This event was to cover the Commonwealth Big Dance in the centre of Glasgow.




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