The sun has been shining and the level of competition has been truly world class. The overriding success of the “friendly” Games is the enthusiasm that the people of Glasgow and all of its welcome visitors have show towards each sport, each other and the spirit of the occasion.

Even if you haven’t been to a venue you must have seen a glimpse of the action, a heartbeat of emotion or a news story of an athlete’s personal journey coming to an end or new beginning. None of this could happen without the hard work of the HBTI students. We headed down to Glasgow’s National Hockey Centre in Glasgow Green to catch up with two of the students to see how they are getting on.

Aidan Black (above) is a first year student at Glasgow Clyde College doing an HND in Creative Industries and Television. He was placed as a camera assistant and is loving it.

“I’m been here – I’ve done it – I’ve worked in a broadcast environment and it’s great for my future.” – Aidan Black, Glasgow Clyde College.

Cloop AS045

Hot from interviewing the First Minister, Cat MacLellan has been placed as a runner at the hockey centre for the Games and has quickly found it’s not as straight forward as she originally thought. On the same course as Aidan, Cat has had to think on her feet, react to new situations and grasp opportunities as they appeared.

“I’m really happy being a gives me the chance to see what I really want to do.” – Catriona MacLellan, Glasgow Clyde College.