We are less than ten days away from Scotland’s biggest sporting event for a generation and we are so very proud that you are going to be part of it. The whole team at Creative Loop are glowing with joy seeing you getting some proper work experience with the professionals who do this for a living, and ultimately will be your colleagues in the future.

Here are the answers to the questions that keep arising – all the information below and much more is in the Support Services Information Manual – make sure you read it – in fact – carry it with you. Here are the headlines that are the most pertinent to HBTI participants – please read it all.


Will I get a uniform?

Yes. You will receive an SVGTV Production Crew uniform consisting of:

2xPolo shirts
1xBaseball cap
1xLuggage Tag

You are to provide your own dark, smart trousers or long shorts and sturdy dark footwear. You will be on your feet for long periods, so make sure you are wearing comfortable, practical shoes. Dress for the weather, wear sunscreen, sunglasses and smart shorts are allowable if appropriate. If you are inappropriately dressed you will be sent home.

You must wear your uniform at all times  – it is your responsibility to wash and take care of your uniform.


Where do I pickup my uniform?

You should have pre-booked a slot to pick up your uniform at the CCA, Sauchiehall Street Glasgow. You received an email about this. If you have not booked a slot you should email info@creativeloop.org now and make the necessary arrangements.

The available sessions for uniform pick up and final induction are:

Thursday 17th
Session 1 – 10:00-12:00
Session 2 – 13:00-15:00 
Friday 18th July
Session 3 – 10:00-12:00
Session 4 – 13:00-15:00 
Saturday 19th July
Session 5 – 10:00-12:00 


You MUST bring the ID you used to apply for accreditation and your CHSI Core Health and Safety Induction Certificate. You will also collect your Non-Validated-Accreditation-Pass (NVP).

From here we recommend that you go straight to the Media Accreditation Centre at the West End of the compound in the SECC car park (0700-2300), or the satellite MAC at the Barry Buddon Training Centre (0900-1700).

If you begin work on before the 17th July, contact info@creativeloop.org to make alternative arrangements asap.



You will get your NVP validated and laminated at the Media Accreditation Centre at the West End of the compound in the SECC car park (0700-2300), or the satellite MAC at the Barry Buddon Training Centre (0900-1700).

There is also a Glasgow 2014 Accreditation Centre at the Kelvin Hall, 1445 Argyle Street Glasgow where you can validate your accreditation pass.

Your accreditation is an important security document that gives access to certain areas to allow you to complete your work experience.

Do not put any photos of your accreditation online, treat it like cash, do not let it out of your sight and don’t give it to anyone.



Don’t lose or forget your accreditation. All lost or stolen Accreditation Passes should be reported to the nearest Accreditation Centre as a matter of urgency.


How do I get to the venues or IBC?

There is no parking at any venues. Do not use your car.

Accreditation gives HBTI students free transport on local public transport in Glasgow, just show your accreditation. You may also go to the SVGTV hotel(s) and travel into and from the venue from there with the crew. That hotel transport will run very strictly to time and cannot and will not wait for latecomers. Details of this are in the Broadcast Services Manual p16. Crew are given preference over HBTI for space on this transport.

Although you will have access to Games transport, it is not the host broadcaster’s responsibility to get you to and from your venue. The city will be busy, travel times will be longer – it is your responsibility to be on time.

Please see these weblinks for information on travelling during the Games.


If for whatever reason you are going to be late arriving on site or unable to attend you should advise the Broadcast Venue Manager if based at a venue or your Supervisor if based in the IBC. You should not expect to be in contact with your supervisor outside of shifts otherwise.


Will I be fed and watered on shift?

Yes. The Call Sheets will demonstrate what meals are being provided at each venue. This will vary greatly from venue to venue. The times in which meals can be taken will also fluctuate depending on the actual sport. Where this is foreseen you will be provided with a box lunch rather than a sit down meal should the potential gap be too short for a more formal meal break.

Snacks, water and beverages will also be provided on site so you should not bring drinks with you. If you have any genuine dietary needs then you could bring your own food subject for it being appropriate to pass security.


Learn your Acronyms.

You will find a full glossary of terms in the Broadcast Manual  which you will receive a copy of. You are not expected to learn the entire book, that is why there is a book, but you are expected to know your venue very well, plus all associated abbreviations and terms.


Who is my contact during the Games? Where do I go? What am I doing? When am I doing it? HELP!

Your HBTI Work Experience Confirmation Letter that was email to you (and you signed and returned) details the individual information for YOU. These details vary greatly from role to role, so make sure you look at your own letter. Don’t just turn up with your mates. 

  • Who is my Contact? – Offer letter.
  • Start and Finish Dates? – Offer letter.
  • Where should I be? – Offer letter.
  • What am I doing? – Offer letter.


What should I think about before I tweet / Facebook something?

You simply must not use your phone/social media during a shift. You may use them whilst on official rest periods. This is a big deal, do not be the person caught looking at their phone on shift. You will not make a good impression.

If posting about what you are doing – you must not reference the Commonwealth Games, SVGTV, Sunset+Vine or Global Television. Really. This is a blanket ban across all broadcast services to protect the integrity of the Games and your host broadcasters. You must make it clear that your views are personal and do not represent the views of SVGTV.

  • Do not upload content that is not your own.
  • Do not approach athletes for autographs / photos whilst in uniform.
  • Do not use the XX Commonwealth Games 2014 Glasgow logos in any capacity.
  • Do not post any content from within a venue / event.

These are serious rules, accreditation will be revoked and engagement ended if these rules are not adhered to. Plus – you are there living it – you’ll remember this for the rest of your life and have actual stories to tell to real people, rather than a single photo that friends will skim over online.


Anything else?

Yes. Download this survival guide for easy reminders. Study the Broadcast Manual and Support Services Information Manual. Read these carefully, and if there is anything not covered then contact info@creativeloop.org. It probably is in the manuals though.

This is going to be an incredible experience for everyone – the rules and guidelines noted above and beyond are there to ensure the smooth operation of the Games and surrounding services so please take them in good spirits. Everyone is busy, everyone will get tired, so keep smiling and make the most out of the most exciting two weeks of the year.