Creative Media Network



The Creative Media Network marks “new beginnings” in the relationship between creative media industries operating in film, broadcast and digital and Scotland’s colleges and universities.

“Scotland’s story is still evolving” and industry needs to ensure there is a continuing talent pipeline able to tell those stories through film, broadcast and digital media.

The network will learn from, and contribute to, other skills partnerships in Scotland and be part of a learning and skills infrastructure.


The Creative Media Network presents a Story Masterclass and Workshop on December 3rd and 4th.


What We Are:

The network will work with industry to promote a mutual understanding of respective asks, needs and offers, ensuring that college and university staff members are able to access continuing professional development, and that routes into the industry are understood and communicated.

The network will ensure more informed decisions by students – promoting the different pathways – “learner journeys” – that people can undertake to find about more about working in, and securing employment in, the creative media industries.

Our core membership is open to all colleges and universities delivering in the film, broadcast and digital sub-sectors in Scotland.

We are “a coalition of the willing” recognising that we can do more when we work together and a network that industry sees value in collaborating with.



What We Will Do:

  • Mapping the Learner Journey: agreeing an illustration of routes into, through and into the creative media industries in Scotland, from Foundation Apprenticeships to post-graduate programmes
  • Events and masterclasses for students and CPD for staff
  • “Showreel for Scotland” – demonstrating talent across the network
  • Sharing access to professional equipment
  • Facilitation for future industry initiatives
  • “Bring global players to Scotland”


Creative Media Network meeting the future skills needs of the film, broadcast and digital media industry.


Creative Media Network is funded by the Scottish Funding Council