March 19th and 20th

CCA Glasgow

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We are delighted to announce that the programme has now been finalised; the speakers, guests and industry professionals are ready and all we need now is you. Download a PDF of the full brochure, or browse the programme below.

Held over two days packed with workshops, sessions and presentations – the festival is the crown in the Creative Loop tiara. It’s your opportunity to talk face to face with the people who you can’t normally get an email address for, let alone a meeting. Each and every guest of the festival is giving up their time to come and connect with the next generation of media professionals; from lighting directors to radio presenters. Our festival guests were all students once too and recognise that it’s even harder to find your niche in the marketplace now, so make sure you are informed about who these speakers are, when they are on and what you can take away from them.

We will be announcing the festival programme on Twitter @creativeloop and at daily, whilst compiling the full list of speakers on this page. Bookmark it. Check it. Make the most out of this incredible annual event.

Nominees for the Creative Scotland Student Media Awards 2014 have been announced and the winners will be announced at the Creative Scotland Student Media Awards, a ceremony recognising the best talent in the media student community. It will be held at 6pm on March 20th, closing the Creative Loop Student Media Festival.


Host Broadcaster Training Initiative #HBTI2014

The main focus of the sessions in the CCA Theatre will be on the practicalities and preparation for the HBTI. If you have been selected to take part, these sessions are essential.


Wednesday 19th: CCA: Theatre

Find out how one Executive Producer/ Director started his career in sports, what a director does, how he makes difficult decisions, and what his role will be during the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Grant Philips is a live OB director with a vast array of credits and has been at every FIFA World Cup™ since 2002. He has directed European Finals for UEFA, was a football director at the London Olympics 2012 and will direct the hockey competition at the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Domestically, he has directed over 100 matches a season for well over a decade in the English Premier League, the FA Cup, UEFA Champions League, Europa League, the SPFL and women’s football for Sky Sports, BBC, ITV, Setanta, Channel Five and ESPN. He is presently an Executive Producer/Director for BT Sport and is directing NBC’s onsite operation for the English Premier League this season.

Brazil will be his first FIFA World Cup™ as a FIFA Match Director of the host feed.

With Grant Philips, Executive Producer/Director

This is an essential master class in what you need to know, what is expected of you as an HBTI during Games time – and how not to mess it up! As well as all the dos and don’ts, this session will cover everything from what to wear, where to report to at the venues, what happens at the venues, why that ‘selfie’ may not be a good idea and how to make the most of this once in a lifetime opportunity.

With Patricia Gregory, Head of Broadcast Information, SVGTV and Caroline Ramsay, Head of Broadcast Venue Management, SVGTV

Like dinner, but with sandwiches.

David Cameron famously said: “too many tweets might make a tw*t.” In this session Ross and Hayley will discuss the potential pitfalls of social media. Hayley Payne heads up the HR department for a huge broadcast media group, which includes Sunset+Vine, Mentorn, Pioneer Productions and Video Arts.

She will highlight what you need to be aware of in the HBTI contract, and the SVGTV social media policy in general. Ross Craig is a social media professional and a comedian. He engages the world via comedy and advises companies on their social media policy. He would be the first to admit he’s got it wrong as often as he’s got it right.

With Hayley Payne, Head of Human Resources, Tinopolis Group and Ross Craig, Social Media & Copywriter, Webwise Creative Ltd

Producing great content requires creativity, experience and the ability to manage your team’s safety. Nothing prepares you better than experience, but this session will equip you with some of the basics.

Nick is a chartered safety practitioner with over 15 years’ experience in the broadcast industry. From multi camera outside broadcasts to working in high risk, extreme environments across the world, Nick has hands on experience. He will share a pragmatic and simple approach to allow you to develop the skills that are crucial to a safe production.

With Nick Roxburgh, Health & Safety Advisor, BBC Scotland


Thursday 20th: CCA: Theatre

Sunset+Vine’s list of live broadcast credits includes some of the world’s best-known sporting events, such as the World Athletics Championships and the Grand National, as well as 38 live Premier League games for BT Sport. They also produced the London 2012 and Sochi 2014 Paralympics for Channel 4.

SVGTV are the Host Broadcasters of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games and will provide television coverage and capture the excitement and thrills of the Games to a potential worldwide audience of more than one billion people.

Find out more about the business of covering a global event like this, and how the HBTI could propel your career above and beyond, with an invaluable opportunity for world-class experience.

With Jeff Foulser, Chairman of Sunset+Vine

Invaluable insight and overview into the technical nightmare of televising 24 different sports at 19 different venues; how many people are involved, and the horrendous logistics, including the range and quantity of equipment involved, cabled cameras, radio cameras, track cameras, dive cams, helicopters, aeroplanes, trucks, metres of cable etc.

With a special behind the scenes look at what goes into the three years of planning such an event.

With Martin Anderson, Former Managing Director of NEP Visions and Head of Business Affairs and Training Initiatives, SVGTV.

Breakfast for grown ups.

Another chance to attend this essential masterclass in what will be expected of you during Games time as an HBTI – and how not to blow it!

Lesley McCrae has worked at some of the most amazing sporting events in the world, including the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games.

Mainly as a Senior Production Manager in outside broadcasts, studio environments, foreign locations, Host Broadcast centres etc. Lesley has managed big projects where quality, time and logistics are the critical elements and has overseen the installation and preparation of an event and a venue. From liaising between Host Broadcasters and outsourced contractors, to organising transport of crew and kit.

She knows the big picture, and has been at the frontline, so take this opportunity to gain more insight and learn from the best.

With Lesley McCrae, Host Broadcast Head of Support Services UK, SVGTV.

Your chance to introduce yourself to the guest speakers from the festival.

Don’t be shy.

Held in the Clubroom.

Recognising the best in student media talent and skills.

Presented by Sanjeev Kohli and Julia Sutherland



Masterclasses and Workshops

The CCA: Cinema hosts the nitty gritty of the festival, with intense sessions specialising on one topic that will take you forward in your career.


Wednesday 19th: CCA: Cinema

An excellent opportunity to learn some of the key skills involved in the fast-paced and pressured world of editing.

John will give an insight into the skills and mind-set needed to be able to edit content; from the manic rush of T in the Park to the heart breaking Alive in the Face of Death. He includes some tips on what producers and directors are looking for in an editor, and shares how he feels about learning a new edit system for Glasgow 2014 Host Broadcaster, SVGTV.

The session will be followed by a live edit competition, with the winner announced at the Creative Scotland Student Media Awards.

With John Steventon, Senior Broadcast Editor, BBC Scotland

Le grand déjeuner

Pre-shortlisted entries are given the chance to pitch their idea to be considered for a possible screening in front of 40,000 people immediately prior to the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony.

Pitches will be judged by a panel of leading industry figures including representatives from Jack Morton Worldwide, Creative Scotland and SVGTV. The nominees and winners of the ‘Best Pitch’ competition will be announced at the Creative Scotland Student Media Awards at the end of the two-day festival. The winners of the ‘Best Pitch’ will be given an opportunity to work with media professionals to develop their ideas before producing the final 2-3 minute video.

With Jack Morton Worldwide (Producers of the Glasgow 2014 Opening & Closing Ceremonies), Creative Scotland and Glasgow 2014 Host Broadcaster, SVGTV


Thursday 20th: CCA: Cinema

As well as the HBTI, Great Big Events have lots of opportunities for Scottish students during the forthcoming Glasgow 2014 CWG. These positions will put you trackside and give you some real responsibility.

There are 160 roles available, from event management roles, presenting roles (announcers/presenters) to technical roles such as audio operators, vision operators, camera operators & more. Great Big Events is a specialist provider of sport presentation and ceremonial production services to the global sports industry.

They have directed the in-stadia experience for every Olympic and Paralympic Games, Commonwealth Games and Rugby World Cup since 2000, among a host of other national and international credits, including victory ceremonies and opening and closing ceremonies for major sporting events.

With Great Big Events and The Network

They say it’s not WHAT you know, it’s WHO you know…

In this session, you’ll find out how to make yourself known to the right people, where to find work, and the most effective and imaginative ways to make an impact on the right people to further your career in media.

Martel Maxwell published her first novel Scandalous, and appears regularly on The One Show on BBC 1, Lorraine on ITV and Sky News as a “showbiz” expert.

Richard Melvin has worked in commercial radio for the BBC and now runs his own independent production company, based in Edinburgh. He is currently making two comedy series for BBC Radio 4, a radio documentary series for BBC Radio Scotland, and writing and producing a sitcom for BBC Comedy.

Soup’s one big chance to be a main course.

Owen Parker has worked with some of the biggest names on the UK pop scene. He’s written songs with and for some of the biggest names in the UK, including, Girls Aloud, Alesha Dixon, Pet Shop Boys and Simple Minds.

He’s toured the world playing live with Amy Macdonald, Roddy Frame and Billy Bragg. He’s written jingles, theme tunes and stings for a number of adverts and for some major TV and radio shows, he’s got a Grammy nomination AND had two novelty number one singles in the Scottish charts. To top it all off, was one of the judges of the Music Video category of this year’s Creative Scotland Student Media Awards.

Come and hear him in conversation with Richard Melvin, sharing some advice for surviving in the TV and radio industry and a few show business secrets from behind the scenes at the coalface of British pop music.

With Owen Parker

Your chance to introduce yourself to the guest speakers from the festival.

Don’t be shy.

Held in the Clubroom.

Recognising the best in student media talent and skills.

Presented by Sanjeev Kohli and Julia Sutherland




Once again there is a packed schedule that should be of interest to all radio students, plus there are some sessions that should pull in those in the business of content generation. Jim Gellatly will be hosting the radio room, with introductions starting at 10am.


Wednesday 19th

The biggest broadcast event in Scotland this year is the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow 2014. Held over multiple venues, the games will be covered by radio teams from around the world. BBC Scotland is mounting unprecedented coverage of the games and the events surrounding them. The Editor of that coverage, Sharon Mair, has the details and some ways you can become involved!

With Sharon Mair – Project Executive, Commonwealth Games 2014

An opportunity for you to become one of the voices of the Commonwealth – today.

With Steve Martin – Business Development Manager at BBC

When a helicopter crashed into the Clutha Bar  in Glasgow, radio stations in Glasgow were doing their usual Friday Night thing. Upbeat music and skeleton staffs in studios. The crash changed everything – within minutes people who are best known as music presenters were breaking the news to Scotland and guiding it through the events of the night. Three of those who covered the story as journalists or presenters reflect on the night and it’s challenges.

With Paul Harper (Presenter – Real Radio Scotland), Louise Robertson (Head of News – Capital Scotland) and Davey Walker (Content Controller – Clyde 1). Chaired by Darren Adam (Presenter – Your Radio FM).

A recap from Steve Martin.

The middlemost of all meals.

The relationship between a presenter and their producer is one of the most important in either’s life. ‘Get It On’ presenter Bryan Burnett has worked with many producers over the years – while Barbara has worked with presenters of all kinds over the years. Sometimes everything just clicks. Other times programme teams look like they’reheaded for divorce. Barbara and Bryan tell tales out of school and pick apart the complicated relationship that makes radio tick.

With Bryan Burnett and Barbara Wallace of BBC Radio Scotland.

The Breakfast Show is the most important show of the day. It brings in listeners and sets them up for their work or play. So getting the tone right is a challenge. And don’t forget that the morning show teams are doing this thing every day at a time when all sensible folk are still in their beds. Three of Scotland’s best discuss the challenges of breakfast and how they go about waking up Scotland.

With Des Clarke (Capital FM) George Bowie (Clyde 1) Ewen Cameron (Real Radio) Darren Adam (Your Radio); hosted by MFR’s Nicky Marr.


Thursday 20th

There was a time when radio producers produced radio. Simples. Then along came digital technology and then everything changed To kick off our
multiplatform morning, three of Scottish radio’s content leaders get together to discuss how we got here, what they do and how it’s changed the face of radio.

With Helen Munro (BBC Scotland) Gary Muircroft (Northsound) and Brian Paige (Bauer Central Scotland).

Few broadcasters have done more to embrace the digital world than BBC Radio 1. As part of it’s development in recent years, video has played an ever increasing role. The network can now stream live pictures at the drop of a hat and it’s YouTube channel is a global phenomenon. Then there’s the way it uses new platforms as a way to scout for new talent. George Ergatoudis has been a key part of the team that has propelled Radio 1 to the fore in this area – he joins #clsmf to share his thoughts.

With George Ergatoudis, Head of Music, BBC Radio 1.

Station ‘imaging’ pops up on today’s radio stations more than the presenters do. It’s a vital element in delivering a station’s brand and identity to it’s audience. Therefore it follows that the person responsible for that imaging has one of the key roles on that station. To most it’s much more than just a job – it’s a “calling”. Clyde’s Gavin Pearson is one of those people, ‘imaging’ radio stations all over Scotland. This is his masterclass on where the ideas come from and how they get to air.

With Gavin Pearson, Clyde 1.

The conclusion of the Commonwealth Voices strand.

With Steve Martin, Gavin Pearson and Colin Paterson.

The year since our last Student Media Festival has been a turbulent one with changes at every major commercial station. Meanwhile the BBC  is preparing to mount some of the biggest radio broadcasts in Scotland’s history. How did we get here? What happens next?

Bauer’s Lorraine Herbison won’t let the panel avoid your questions and will moderate the debate on Scottish Radio’s future. No subject is off limits: talent, localness, networking, playlists or post referendum – it’s up to you to get the answers you seek in our unique forum.

With Paul Cooney (Capital Scotland), Colin Paterson (BBC Radio Scotland), Tracey McNellan (Your Radio) and Brian Paige (Bauer). Hosted by Lorraine Herbison.

Your chance to introduce yourself to the guest speakers from the festival.

Don’t be shy.

Held in the Clubroom.

Recognising the best in student media talent and skills.

Presented by Sanjeev Kohli and Julia Sutherland