Over the years at Creative Loop we’ve worked with some fantastic people. Through our training schemes, festivals and workshops we’ve had the pleasure of meeting and helping some of the best emerging talent in Scotland.

Chris Flatman took the opportunities that came his way with both hands and has since found himself some cracking paid gigs in the industry.

What training did you do via Creative Loop?

I was lucky to get a wide variety of training through Creative Loop including an EVS Live Slow Motion course, Logging and the incredible Camera Operator Trainee Scheme at MNE TV.

What opportunities came your way as a result of this?

I was lucky to get involved in one of the biggest sporting events of all time – I worked logging at the Commonwealth Games. As a direct result of this I managed to secure some full time paid work logging on “I Survived A Zombie Apocalypse”, a reality game show, described as the toughest show on earth!

I was also lucky enough to be included on the Camera Operator trainee scheme at MNE TV, which has lead onto working freelance as a camera operator with them on the SPFL Highlights and the International Sheep dog trials.

What’s been the best thing:

Getting to operate a camera on broadcast TV and being paid for it!

Where and what did you study?

HND TV Production – City of Glasgow College (Graduate 2014)

What advice would you give to Scotland’s emerging talent?

I would say just do a college course then get out there working. I don’t see any advantage in going to University if you want to work in TV. I completely understand getting that first job is tough but I don’t think it would be possible while at university.

What’s bee the most surprising thing about getting work in the media industry?

The working hours and the difficulty getting work. Even when you have experience, there is always someone with more experience.

With all the training I have received, and work I have got from that, it has really has made my CV go from looking bare to having really good relevant experience which all helps to get work. Thanks to Creative Loop for making it happen.