On Saturday 12th July the HBTI trainees got the chance to be part of something truly magical.  The Big Commonwealth Dance: Beats for Peace saw dancers gather in Glasgow,  London and Sydney to perform a specially choreographed routine.  The dance was filmed and transmitted via satellite between the three locations to create a spectacular film. Wales’ largest outside broadcast company NEP Cymru facilitated this event and really helped the students get the most out of their experience.
NEP Cymru is working alongside Commonwealth Games Host Broadcaster SVGTV on the coverage of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. NEP Cymru will also be offering some of the 250 students who are taking part in the HBTI the opportunity to gain additional experience through working on their OB facilities for SPFL matches during the 2014/15 football season.
NEP Cymru’s Project Manager Tony Cahalane said:
“NEP Cymru’s involvement in The Big Commonwealth Dance through the HBTI means that we are able to help equip the next generation of live broadcast practitioners with the skills and experience necessary to build a successful career in the field.” 

Helliate Rushwaya, Creative Loop’s project manager said:

 “Creative Loop is delighted to be working alongside key industry players such as NEP and SVGTV on the HBTI and for trainees to gain hands on training on events such as the Big Commonwealth Dance and the SPFL coverage is a fantastic experience. This is providing an opportunity to build the next generation of talent for Scotland and a great Legacy of Glasgow 2014”.

Watch the Big Commonwealth Dance here!