Festival 2014

Owen Parker – Commercial Musician

Owen Parker is a multi-instrumentalist who writes music for broadcast, popstars and himself. He has played the main stage of Glastonbury and written top ten hits for […]

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Nick Roxburgh – Health and Safety Advisor


This is interesting – it’ll help you get a job. In this episode Health and Safety Advisor for BBC Scotland Nick Roxburgh dispels the myths […]

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Colin Paterson – Editor for BBC Radio Scotland

Colin Paterson is the Editor of BBC Radio Scotland, in this episode he describes how the BBC is looking to expand its reach by reversioning and repackaging […]

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Bryan Burnett and Barbara Wallace – Presenter/Producer Relations

The relationship between a radio presenter and their producer is an essential, precious thing.

In this episode we hear from BBC Radio Scotland’s Bryan Burnett and […]

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Gavin Pearson – Imaging and Imagining

Gavin Pearson is the next radio legend. He started working at Radio Clyde when he was fourteen and has been the production backbone ever since. He knows […]

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Martell Maxwell and Richard Melvin – Network

How do you get to know the right people? Why aren’t you getting invited to the afterparty? Who has got his email address?!!?!?

In this episode […]

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Covering Clutha – The Interviews

In November tragedy struck Glasgow when a helicopter crashed into a busy pub on a Saturday night.

This episode looks at the way three of the biggest radio stations in […]

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Hayley Payne and Ross Craig on Social Media

In this episode Head of HR for SVGTV Hayley Payne describes how to avoid the pitfalls of social media – the traps you can fall into and […]

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Commercial Radio Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important BLANK of the day..

In this episode we talk to the breakfast presenters of Clyde 1, Real Radio and Capital FM to find out what […]

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Grant Philips – Executive Director and Producer

Find out how one Executive Producer/ Director started his career in sports, what a director does, how he makes difficult decisions, and what his role will be […]

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