The Sessions

The Sessions: Interview Techniques

One of the most important skills a presenter or producer can have is….making good coffee. But, when there’s someone already across that in the studio it’s probably down to […]

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The Sessions: Specialist Music

“That was……coming up……here’s Rihanna.”

That’s about it for music on commercial radio these days isn’t it? Well apparently not. In this packed out session Capital FM’s Breakfast Presenter […]

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The Sessions: John Myers

John Myer’s recent book, “Team It’s Only Radio” catalogued the rise of one of radio’s great personalities, and he dropped into the Creative Loop Student Media Festival to recount […]

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The Sessions: Super Scoreboard Untamed

It’s the biggest commercial sports radio show in the country, and they do it every week – but what is “it” and how do they keep their […]

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The Sessions: Comedy Development

In this session Iain Davidson and Chris Grady discuss The Comedy Unit’s talent development process.

From the very first script, idea or meeting all the way […]

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The Sessions: Comedy in Radio

Radio comedy is one of the real proving grounds for new talent. Writers, performers and entire programmes started out in radio long before the guys with cameras came calling. […]

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The Sessions: Community Radio

So you’ve finished your course and are all set to get your first gig. But the big stations tell you that while you’ve done some radio work, you have […]

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The Sessions: Sound Women

Tune up and down the dial and see if you can find a female presenter who leads off at breakfast. Even the speech stations ‘balance women with men. Then […]

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The Sessions: Social Media

There was a time when listeners sent letters to radio presenters and had them read out. Now it’s a constant stream of tweets and Facebook updates. But […]

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