The Interviews

Steve Martin – Earshot Creative

Steve Martin represents the BBC in South and West Africa and runs the Earshot Creative Review, in this episode he describes the creative challenge set to the students at […]

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Sharon Mair – BBC Scotland at the Commonwealth Games

Sharon Mair is the boss when it comes to what BBC Scotland is going to cover during the Commonwealth Games.

In this episode Sharon details the sporting and cultural activities […]

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HBTI – The Road so Far…

In this episode, we hear from the men behind the huge success that is the HBTI. (more…)

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George Ergatoudis – Head of Music for BBC Radio 1

Few broadcasters have done more to embrace the digital world than BBC Radio 1. As part of its development in recent years, video has played an ever […]

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Martell Maxwel – First Impressions

The most recurrent question at the Creative Loop Student Media Festival is “How do I get my foot in the door?”

You’ll find the answer to […]

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Gary Robertson – News Interviewing Techniques

Gary Roberston is the host of Good Morning Scotland on BBC Radio Scotland, every morning the show is packed with the latest news pertinent to Scottish people. […]

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Gavin Pearson – Station Imaging

What was the last radio station that you listened to?

How do you know?

Every radio presenter worth his salt will use the name of […]

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Nick Rougvie – Local News Coverage

As television and radio stations become more and more centralised and networked is there any time, space or budget for local news anymore?

News has always […]

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Darren Adam – Live Interviewing Techniques

Darren Adam was one of the youngest presenters on UK Radio and has barely left the dial since.

From politics to showbiz, late night to breakfast […]

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Romeo – Entertainment Interviews

Romeo is the network presenter of In:Demand, broadcast from Clyde 1 in Glasgow and listened to in every city in Scotland. (He’s the one on the right.) […]

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